What Makes a Good Radio Show

If you love listening to the radio, there is that one show that will make you jovial or will make you sit down for hours until it is over. Many people may not understand why is that. Radio presenters may also not understand why a particular show wins awards while others remain unrecognized.

So what makes a good radio show?

Level of interaction.

How interactive is the radio show? Radio listeners will always prefer a radio show that coins an interactive topic of the day that is related to the day to day happenings. People want to feel as if the radio presenter on that show understands the ideal life the listeners are living. The presenters should also be very jovial and accommodative to their listeners – my advise is to look on being a radio host.

Moreover, the radio show should also engage the listener on social media in their topics. For example, a radio show can create a page on Facebook where they share them live updates and act on the contributions of the listeners on social media.

Good music.

Listeners are listening to your radio show because of your playlist. If you have a too old playlist but focusing on the youth, you will definitely fail. You should play music that suits your audience. However, you should note that replaying songs may turn down your listeners. Make sure the DJ is very keen on the music and also interact with the listeners to consider their song requests.


The more you invest in your radio show, the more listeners you attract. If you want many listeners to stay tuned, make sure you use quality sound systems and that your signals are perfect such that your listeners do not have to struggle to listen to you.

Few adverts.

Radio shows have to feature advertisements but avoid overdoing it. Listeners will prefer to listen to a show with few or no advertisement. However, to break the monotony, a few advertisements will be okay.

To have a good radio show, you must make sure your audience is satisfied. You can do this by carrying out surveys on your radio show to rectify some errors that may be chasing your audience away.