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Hemp Bliss: Review: Drink Fashion Trend: Manitoba Harvest’s New Hemp Beverage

Hemp Bliss

Hemp products like delta 8 flower are hitting the food market in a big way. Since 1998, Canadian hemp farmers have been permitted to grow industrialhemp, which is the same species as marijuana (Cannabis sativa) but without the psychoactive compounds.

Besides being turned into sturdy, durable clothing, hemp is processed into cosmetic products and a variety of foods. The seeds are sold in whole form or turned into powder, snack foods, oils and beer.

Benefits of Eating Hemp

∙ Nearly one-third is grown organically.

∙ All hemp is GMO-free

∙ There are no registered pesticides or herbicides associated with hemp in Canada


Hemp has an earthy flavour and a gritty texture. Those who have tried hemp “protein powders” or hemp seeds for fibre have often referred to the taste of hemp as “like cardboard”.

Unfortunately, the hemp milk is no different. Its grey colour is a good indication of the grey, lacklustre flavour. Don’t expect a creamy soy or a sweet almond milk here. Hemp milk is a different species, and definitely tastes like it should be healthy.

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp seeds are one of the few vegetarian foods with a high omega-3 content. Hemp is the only complete plant protein besides soy.

Hemp Bliss is similar to soy milk in calories, fat and protein.

Hemp Bliss is not fortified with vitamins and minerals to make it similar to cow’s milk. For example, Hemp Bliss has only 20 mg calcium per cup, compared to 300 mg for cow’s milk. It does stand out in iron (3.6 mg, or 20% of the daily value) whereas cow’s milk has none.

The nutritional breakdown of Hemp Bliss is as follows (per cup):

∙ Calories: 110

∙ Carbohydrates: 7 grams

∙ Sugar: 6 grams

∙ Fibre: 1 gram

∙ Fat: 7 grams (1.2 grams are omega-3 and 4.0 grams are omega-6, for a ratio of 1:3.3).

∙ Protein: 5 grams

∙ Sodium: 95 milligrams

Hemp Bliss “Original” Flavour Ingredients:

Filtered Water, Organic Hemp Seeds, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum.

Hemp Bliss is

∙ Preservative-free

∙ Lactose Free

∙ Soy Free.

∙ Gluten Free

∙ Cholesterol Free (like all plant foods)

∙ Nut Free


Good things about Hemp Bliss beverage:

∙ Natural with no artificial preservatives or ingredients

∙ Fairly low in sugar and salt (sodium)

∙ High in omega-3 fats

∙ Moderate in protein

∙ Vegan and vegetarian

∙ Lactose free

∙ Certified Organic

Not-so-Good Things:

∙ Expensive. Nearly $5.00 per one-litre carton. Compared to organic soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk ($2.99 – $3.49), hemp is substantially more expensive.

∙ Grainy in texture

∙ Bland and earthy in taste

∙ Grey and unappealing in colour

The Bottom Line:

Manitoba Harvest hemp milk is not a beverage most people would drink for pleasure. It’s superior omega-3 fat content makes it a healthy choice and a new way to get omega-3s into a vegetarian diet. Mixed into a fruit smoothie or cooked into a hot cereal it might be more palatable. Vanilla flavour would be preferred over plain.

Hemp seed is an acquired taste. Starting out with a sprinkle of hemp nuts on a salad might be less offensive than putting this beverage on your morning cereal. For brave, health-conscious folk with money to burn, hemp milk could be a convenient way to get a daily dose of healthy fats and protein.

But for the regular person is likely to stick to soy milk and flaxseed.

Hemp Oil – Best Medicine For Cancer

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has produced a lot of significant changes, because of weed gummy ‘s impact on health issues. This type of oil comes from cannabis called cannabis sativa, which is closely watched by the government, because of its illegal uses. Colors of hemp oil can vary depending on the type of solvent or flavor that is used in its manufacturing process. Hemp oil contains very effective ingredients such as essential fatty acids of linoleic acids and omega 6 and 3. Rick Simpsons is the man, who made it possible for hemp oil to be effectively applied as a medicine to cure cancer. Is that really true? A lot of people asked this, and the answer has to be carefully considered before going further with this article. The use of hemp oil as medicine to cure cancer has become a motivating factor for those, who need help with relief and management of cancer. It is a type of oil that cancer patients use to handle the chemotherapy treatment. We are not referring to smoking marijuana leaves, but to herbal treatment, which is one effective way of curing cancer. Rick Simpsons has done his research well, tried it out on himself, and received the liberation that is being sought by other patients.

Evidence on the medicinal effect of hemp oil

When Rick Simpsons became liberated from cancer through the use of hemp oil around 2002-2003, the use of it became popular among cancer patients. As far back as 1974, a lot of researches have extracted THC ingredient from hempseed oil. It is this ingredient that helps to take care of cancerous cells. The most beautiful thing about this ingredient is that it only affects the cancerous cells and not the healthy cells. It is this factor that makes people reach for hemp oil. Researchers like Robert Melamede also did a lot of work on this ingredient with special focus on the endocrine system. There are a lot of articles online that talk more about hemp oil and its tendency in curing cancer. There are a lot of positive testimonials about the use of hemp oil in treatment of cancer.

Cannabis sativa

Is it possible for hemp oil to treat cancer?

The American College of Physicians supports hemp oil with caution. The use of THC is used in treating side effects of chemotherapy like vomiting or nausea. The medicinal value of hemp oil has been known to be an anti-carcinogen in nature and was discovered to be an ingredient that reduces development of cancerous cells in a patient’s body. For those who have invasive cancers, hemp oil would take care of the treatment with ease. A lot of people are supporting hemp oil in treatment of cancer, because of its benefits. A lot of money has been spent on research of other beneficial effects on humans from hemp seeds. Some researchers in Canada have found that this herbal oil ingredient can successfully kill cancerous cells in the brain, which would definitely treat multifunction of brain cancer. With this discovery, more research has been done that supports hemp oil treatment of cancer.

How hemp oil works

There is no match for hemp oil as a medicinal cure in its anti-cancerous activity on the body of a patient without any side effects. It is not only THC that is the anti-carcinogenic ingredient in hemp oil, but the cannabinoids as well, which are active properties that can handle the effect of cancerous cells’ growth. There is no dispute on hemp oil curing cancer. The medicinal value of hemp oil in curing cancer has been well documented, and a lot of people came up with positive results of being cured by hemp oil. If there is a need to get more information, many sites can answer questions that are not clear here. Finally, we now know there are no side effects of hemp oil when it comes to treating cancer. Hemp oil is the best medicine for curing cancer.

The Rise Of Talk Radio

Talk Radio

Talk radio happens to be a radio format which contains discussion about a lot of topical issues, and also it consists entirely of original spoken word content, rather than music. It basically means that you will be listening to people talk about whatever they want, a lot of topics that are going on in the world and more. It does not involve music at all. You will be listening to their thoughts and opinions. It’s like a podcast, but it was the radio. A single person actually hosts most of the shows, and they also often feature interviews with a lot of different guests. People who are hosting it make a lot of effort into inviting people onto the show as guests, so that people can listen in live.

There is also this exciting feature where you can call in, and you can actually speak to the host regarding whatever they are talking about. This would maximise audience participation, and it would also help with gaining the interest from the audience. It also attracts more listeners.

Talk radio has been historically associated with broadcast radio. Starting from the year 2005, the technology for Internet-based radio shows became very cost-effective, and the whole spectrum moved on to the internet. It became about streaming and podcasts. Now, it is possible for you to host and be a part of an enter-based radio talk show, by just having an internet connection and also by having a device where you can record your voice on. There are a lot of talk shows which are being hosted by popular news networks as well. Some of the ones that I would like to name are BBC, CNN, Fox and Bloomberg. These talkshows are known to be very informative and entertaining. Talk audio listening is actually enjoyed, and it is available on a variety of devices. It is available on PC, iTunes and more.


Suppose we are okay with this regarding the many complications and the precedents of Joe Pyne and Alan Burke. In that case, the origins of the contemporary political talk radio can actually be traced to 3 phenomena in the 1980s.

The first of these have been known to be involved in the AM music station was getting entirely murdered by the FM, which would actually broadcast music in stereo and allowed for a lot of high notes and low notes as well. The human voice is mid-range and doesn’t exactly require high fidelity. In the 80s, the proliferation of talk formats on the AM band had been known to provide some new careers and also some music DJs. The chatty ones did not fit well with the FM.

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