Hemp Bliss: Review: Drink Fashion Trend: Manitoba Harvest’s New Hemp Beverage

Hemp Bliss

Hemp products like delta 8 flower are hitting the food market in a big way. Since 1998, Canadian hemp farmers have been permitted to grow industrialhemp, which is the same species as marijuana (Cannabis sativa) but without the psychoactive compounds.

Besides being turned into sturdy, durable clothing, hemp is processed into cosmetic products and a variety of foods. The seeds are sold in whole form or turned into powder, snack foods, oils and beer.

Benefits of Eating Hemp

∙ Nearly one-third is grown organically.

∙ All hemp is GMO-free

∙ There are no registered pesticides or herbicides associated with hemp in Canada


Hemp has an earthy flavour and a gritty texture. Those who have tried hemp “protein powders” or hemp seeds for fibre have often referred to the taste of hemp as “like cardboard”.

Unfortunately, the hemp milk is no different. Its grey colour is a good indication of the grey, lacklustre flavour. Don’t expect a creamy soy or a sweet almond milk here. Hemp milk is a different species, and definitely tastes like it should be healthy.

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp seeds are one of the few vegetarian foods with a high omega-3 content. Hemp is the only complete plant protein besides soy.

Hemp Bliss is similar to soy milk in calories, fat and protein.

Hemp Bliss is not fortified with vitamins and minerals to make it similar to cow’s milk. For example, Hemp Bliss has only 20 mg calcium per cup, compared to 300 mg for cow’s milk. It does stand out in iron (3.6 mg, or 20% of the daily value) whereas cow’s milk has none.

The nutritional breakdown of Hemp Bliss is as follows (per cup):

∙ Calories: 110

∙ Carbohydrates: 7 grams

∙ Sugar: 6 grams

∙ Fibre: 1 gram

∙ Fat: 7 grams (1.2 grams are omega-3 and 4.0 grams are omega-6, for a ratio of 1:3.3).

∙ Protein: 5 grams

∙ Sodium: 95 milligrams

Hemp Bliss “Original” Flavour Ingredients:

Filtered Water, Organic Hemp Seeds, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum.

Hemp Bliss is

∙ Preservative-free

∙ Lactose Free

∙ Soy Free.

∙ Gluten Free

∙ Cholesterol Free (like all plant foods)

∙ Nut Free


Good things about Hemp Bliss beverage:

∙ Natural with no artificial preservatives or ingredients

∙ Fairly low in sugar and salt (sodium)

∙ High in omega-3 fats

∙ Moderate in protein

∙ Vegan and vegetarian

∙ Lactose free

∙ Certified Organic

Not-so-Good Things:

∙ Expensive. Nearly $5.00 per one-litre carton. Compared to organic soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk ($2.99 – $3.49), hemp is substantially more expensive.

∙ Grainy in texture

∙ Bland and earthy in taste

∙ Grey and unappealing in colour

The Bottom Line:

Manitoba Harvest hemp milk is not a beverage most people would drink for pleasure. It’s superior omega-3 fat content makes it a healthy choice and a new way to get omega-3s into a vegetarian diet. Mixed into a fruit smoothie or cooked into a hot cereal it might be more palatable. Vanilla flavour would be preferred over plain.

Hemp seed is an acquired taste. Starting out with a sprinkle of hemp nuts on a salad might be less offensive than putting this beverage on your morning cereal. For brave, health-conscious folk with money to burn, hemp milk could be a convenient way to get a daily dose of healthy fats and protein.

But for the regular person is likely to stick to soy milk and flaxseed.

Hemp Bliss: Review: Drink Fashion Trend: Manitoba Harvest’s New Hemp Beverage

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